Diamond Deal: The Best You Can Get

It was few years back when I was going through a rough patch. I was running pretty low on finances and lost my job and was unable to talk about it with my wife. So I get out of home every day like I am going to work but actually I was to the community park, where I used to search jobs on newspaper online on the internet. But nothing worked for months. I found some jobs out of city in some corporation of gold coast, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide but I was not really in the mood of leaving Sydney. So I spent months on that bench dealing with the loans, mortgages waiting for the right deals and filling crossword puzzles.

Until one day I met this man called john. He was nicely dressed with all the expensive suit and ties. He came to me and said hello, maybe he figured out that I am depressed and worried. He asked me the problem and I told him everything about the company I left and all those application I filled to get a job.

He then assured me that he will help find a new job but until then I can play online casino games to make up my finances and he also suggested me some game that can be played with minimum risk of losing anything and play along with fun.

The name of the game was diamond deal, which is a classic 3-reel pokie with the bonus feature and the largest jackpot than any other slot offers, which makes this game a pretty favorite of all players. The very day I went home and researched everything about the pokie and played it first with the free spins I got from the man in the suit, and luckily won some jackpot out of it to make the figures better.

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